PT. Multi Anugerah Lestari Texindo

We produce a variety of PVC products such as Syntetic Leather, Transparent Sheet, Colour Sheet, Tarpaulin, Flooring and Sponge Baby.

PVC Syntetic Leather can be used as a material in the industry of furniture, sofa, luggage, shoes, bags, handbags and footwear.
PVC Transparent Sheet can be used as materials for the photo album, bed covers, packing, industrial packaging, lamination, table cloth and handphone cover.
PVC Colour Sheet can be used as materials for bag accessories, raincoats and furniture laminated / High Pressure Laminate (HPL) industry.
PVC Tarpaulin can be used as truck cover, canopy, tent and advertisement banner.
PVC Flooring can be used as a replacement for floor tiles in the buildings or houses.
PVC Sponge Baby can be used as a cover or base for a baby mattress.

In our production, we always use the best quality raw material and perform good quality control on each production line to produce high quality products. To guarantee the quality of the product, we have successfully achieved the ISO 9001: 2008 qualification

Quality ISO 9001:2008